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Bemused observer of the early 21st Century increasingly specializing in contextualization . . .


I am: human, male, an information architect; a computer geek; a music lover; a writer; a reader; a songwriter; a designer; a lover; a magazine-maker; a publisher; a film buff; a diagonal thinker; a scholar; a cultural anthropologist; a jazz fanatic; a reframer of questions; a drifting clarifier; a student of complexity; a conservative dresser; a bad singer; a disbeliever; a bullshit detector; at ease with myself; an organizer; a project manager; a private person; bigger-than-life; a simplifier; a creator of systems; a dismantler of myths; a failed rocker; a successful editor; a humorist; a structuralist; a conversationalist; a no-show at parties; in love with the sea; not a beach person; an American; an Anglophile; an orphan; tall, fascinated with the fashionable, never in fashion; a gardener; a cat fancier; a collector; a thinker; too patient; an intellectual brawler; a critic; a teacher; a marketer; a communicator; creative; a conceptualist; an implementer; of two centuries; a specialist; not a camper; increasingly annoyed with the media; part of the media; someone who sleeps in the nude; eclectic; passionate; learning to balance my life; seemingly smart; intuitive; logical; a right- and left-brain person; happiest on unstructured autumn Saturdays; aspiring to be a digital nomad; young-looking for my age; endlessly curious; completely disinterested in sports; a question asker; a natural consultant; appalled by reality televsion; a zealot about Apple computers; a fan of flim noir; in awe of Hitchcock's Veritigo; someone who finds smart and funny sexy; a workaholic; certain there is no such thing as objectivity . . .


Writing, Technology, Websites, Film, Jazz, Visual Arts, Design, Pop Culture, Digital Nomadism, Srong Coffee, Apple Computers, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, William Gibson, Peter Hammill, Alfred Hitchcock, William Turner, Aeon Flux, Charles Dickens, Pet Shop Boys, Thelonious Monk, Edward Gorey, George Lois, Richard Wurman, David Bowie, Vertigo (the film), Other . . .