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    • CultureHack, Tumbled
      Cultural core sampling and sidelong glances at pop debris. An improvised miscellanea for those with more oblique and idiosyncratic tastes; a digital cabinet of curiosities.


    • CultureHack, Tracked
      See this as yet more context, albeit sonic: A slowly growing list of annotated songs added to online rather than in a Moleskine. I make no assurance about the absolute quality of these tunes, only their ability to resonate with me--often in unintended ways.


    • Formal Absences is a theater-piece companion to the forthcoming CD release, The Formal Absences of Precious Things, and Formal Absence, a novel. This sidebar section will feature the most recent versions of the song demos as they become available.
    • ACT ONE
    • Overture
      (For Piano and Orchestra)
    • Intimate
    • I Love You Now
    • Autumn Beach
    • No Rules In Love
    • I Don't Live There Anymore
    • Losing Ground
    • Formal Absence
    • ACT TWO
    • No Night Sky In the City
    • When Love Is Gone
    • Hold On
    • The Ride
    • On Your Way
    • Post-Modern Pop Song
    • Coda
      (For Solo Piano)
    • Music and performances:
      Bazz Atlas

      Lyrics and project concept:
      KS Sheridan

      All songs in the Formal Absences sidebar section copyright © 2006, 2007 by Bazz Atlas and KS Sheridan. All Rights Reserved.


    • Blogs Are Just Websites

      Yes, blogs are supplanting Old/Big Media; but in doing so, they're merely becoming the newest iteration of the same thing--dynamically at least. A-List Bloggers, advertising, mutually self-serving blogrolls--oops, Reading Lists--welcome to the New/Big-But-Federated Media.

      There's nothing inherently wrong with this--I make my living from publishing. The problem is with the self-mythologizing that much of blogging still wraps itself in.



    • No Maps
      For These Territories

      (DVD Release)

      In 1999, Mark Neale put science fiction author William Gibson in the backseat of a limo and filmed the ensuing on-the-road meanderings of a brilliant mind.

      If Willard Scott represents the guy you don't want to sit next to on a plane, then Gibson is the hitchhiker sent from God. It's one of the most unusual documentaries ever made--and unusually successful in presenting a more three-dimensional, less-mediated portrait of Gibson.


    • Yamamoto Tsunetomo
      & William Scot Wilson

      A translated medieval Japanese text, this slim volume remains the best articulation of essential Samauri philosphy. Helpful as an adjunct to a worldview--and, appropriately, as an appendix to Tarrantio's Kill Bill series
    • William S Burroughs
      The Soft Machine

      After decades, I'm currently revisiting Burroughs work because of Critereon's excellent two-disc release of David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch.

      More than 20 years after I first read him, I'm here to say that everything that's been said about Burroughs--good, bad, indifferent, brilliant or ill-informed--is all true all at the same time. Initiates are advised to begin with the less extreme Interzone compilation


    • Willam Gibson
      One of our best social commentators who happens to write novels. He's always focused on the way we live now--we just didn't realize it.